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Lois Carroll

An Historical Romance in paperback and ebook format from Whiskey Creek Press. It is a sequel to Trail of Dreams, but the independent stories can stand alone.

Saving the Dream, by Lois Carroll

In Saving the Dream:

Trapper Ingor Oleson rescues an Indian maiden, Still Water, who was kidnapped in the Dakota Territory by two drunk whites. She is the niece of the Chief of a Sioux tribe he has traded with.

Together for weeks as he nurses her, they each must face the hard fact that their dreams of a life of a white and an Indian together is impossible.

The Army is relocating Indians from the Dakota Territory to make room for white pioneers. The Indians, not wanting to go, are fighting back. A brave from her tribe, who wants her as his wife, has vowed to kill whoever has taken her.

Ingor can't let his actions threaten his brother Lars and his family homesteading a day's ride to the west. Avoiding the two drunks seeking revenge for their lost prize and the Army rounding up Indians, Ingor must return her safely to her uncle and face the brave.

Can the couple save their dream in the midst of hardship and hate?

Excerpt from Saving the Dream:

Ingor swallowed hard. "I am a dead man if they find us now," he muttered as he rose onto his knees.

Lifting her head on his hand, he turned her face up and pushed back her long tangled hair. This time he studied her face a good deal more carefully. With her hair matted and not in the neat braids she usually wore, he hadn't recognized her before. Now he did.

He knew her and he knew he was a dead man if the tribe found them together. He felt chilled despite the summer heat.

He had rescued Still Water, Chief Red Moon's niece.

"How could they do this to one so sweet?"

He knew Still Water had been given her name because she'd never cried as a child. Chief Red Moon had taken Still Water into his own teepee and treated her as his daughter after her parents' deaths from the fever when she was a child.

At that moment, Ingor couldn't imagine being in deeper trouble with the Indians than to have the Chief's kidnapped adopted daughter, who had been beaten to within an inch of her life, on his blanket. He quickly dismissed the thought. Rather than worry about himself, he worried about her. "Still Water. What have they done to you?"

He would do everything in his power to keep her alive. It was the least he could do. After all, it was Still Water who had saved his life the first winter he spent in the Territory. That was the first time he'd ever seen her.

Determined that she would recover, he thought it was important that he know all the pair of drunks had done to her. Everything they might have done. Red Moon's band respected their women and an unmarried woman like Still Water would be an untouched virgin until she married.

Ingor's hand tightened into a fist. "If those two excuses for men touched you, I'll..." A tremor shook him. He'd been about to say that he would kill those men if they had raped her.

He stared at her striking high cheekbones and tempting luscious lips. She was beautiful even covered with mud and blood, but he couldn't to think of that now.

He had work to do to save her.

eBooks by Lois Carroll


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eBooks by Lois Carroll