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Lois Carroll

A Sweet Contemporary Romance from Melange Press Satin Romance


In Lost & Found Dream

  • Carrie rides an emotional roller coaster. She returns to the North Dakota small town where she grew up when her grandmother is ill. Carrie is falling for her supportive pastor, Peter, who cares for her too. But because of her past, Carrie feels she must leave town and not let her bad reputation affect his. She must give up her dream of staying and raising a family there. Is there no way her dream can come true?
  • Excerpt from Love Cookin':

    "Give me a break," Carrie Whitmore groused sleepily as she pulled her pillow over her head, intent on going back to sleep.

    She quickly discovered the feathers couldn't silence the constant roar outside her open bedroom window that had awakened her after too few hours of sleep. Moving on and then returning, it sounded louder each time it passed. It was getting closer to her open window.

    Sitting up in the antique sleigh bed, she looked out the window and saw someone pushing a gas-powered mower across the lawn just beyond her grandmother's backyard.

    A glance at the clock on the antique bedside table told her it was only seven-thirty on a Saturday morning. Way too early for that much racket. They were mowing the church lawn, for heaven's sake.

    They should be more considerate, especially in a small country town like Sunville, North Dakota.

    Suddenly, the fact that she was in Sunville, and not in her apartment in Fargo, registered in her sleepy head. She gasped. "Oh, no! You can't make that much noise now," she complained out loud, throwing off the light handmade quilt covering her. "You'll wake up Grandma."

    Her grandmother, Madeleine Whitmore, was sleeping in one of the other five bedrooms in her immaculately preserved, three-story Victorian house. At least Carrie hoped she was still asleep.

    "Grandma," Carrie muttered now as the noise got even louder. "Please, please stay asleep."

    The noise had to stop. Now.

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