A Contemporary Romantic Suspense in Paperback and eBook Format from Melange Press Satin Romance



Lois Carroll


In The Lady Next Door:

  • Mystery, blood and mayhem fill this romantic suspense! After the death of her husband, Karn Winters seeks a fresh start in life with her young son. With the help of an attorney friend, Bart Sinclair, she purchases a beautiful country home for a very low price. Bart helps Karn move into the house she thinks is perfect, but she still wonders why it was priced so low.

    After playing in the backyard, her son talks about the lady next door and the little trucks she gave him to play with.

    Only some of the trucks have blood on them. And there is no lady next door. That house is vacant. Feeling unsafe in her new home, Karn wonders what is lurking in the lush woods behind their backyard fence.

  • Excerpt from The Lady Next Door:

    Before Karn caught up to the realtor, they heard Gary screaming upstairs. Karn took off at a run, passing the realtor Mrs. Carson on the way up the stairs.

    "No, you can't have it," Gary was shouting. "It's mine. You said it was mine, and you can't take it back."

    Leaping up the stairs two at a time, Karn called out, "Gary? Where are you? Gary?"

    "Mommy, Mommy," Gary called back. "She won't give it back to me."

    Karn followed the sound to a small bedroom on the far back corner of the house. She found Gary sitting on the wall-to-wall carpeting near the window. She ran to his side and dropped to her knees. "What's wrong, honey? Did you hurt yourself?"

    "I want my truck back," Gary whined. "She said I could have it and then she took it back."

    But Karn saw no one else in the room. She pulled Gary to his feet and was about to hug him when she noticed his hands. She lifted them for an inspection. They were dirty with fresh soil.

    "Oh, dear. How did you get so dirty in here?"

    "I got dirty driving the truck the nice lady gave me," he explained simply. "It was all muddy."

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