A Contemporary Romantic Intrigue in Paperback and eBook Format from Melange Press Satin Romance



Lois Carroll


In Just Say No To Love:

  • Ginger only agreed to go out with Ward because their mothers were good friends, and seeing them together made the moms happy.

    The couple was certain it would not be hard to Say No To Love and end it after a few dates.

    But a man from Ginger's past threatens her with a gun to make her pay for rejecting him while Ward watches helplessly. Suddenly they are playing for keeps - to keep on living.

  • Excerpt from Just Say No To Love:

    As she leaned over to place the last of the bottles on the shelves, she thought she heard footsteps approaching on the tile floor beyond the open fridge door. Holding a nearly new catsup bottle that she was moving to the door shelf, she paused to listen. Her heart sped up, and she pressed her lips together between her teeth to keep from crying out in fear.

    No one was supposed to be home.

    Harriet was in the hospital and not coming home until this afternoon. It couldn't be her.

    But the footsteps were real.

    They stopped just the other side of the fridge door.

    "What do you think you're doing?" a deep male voice suddenly asked.

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